Zoopla is a popular online property portal. Zoopla, which was founded in 2007, has received a lot of attention.Zoopla

Zoopla is a popular online property portal. Zoopla, which was founded in 2007, has received a lot of attention. It is like Rightmove, is a property and comparative search engine that does not rely exclusively on estate brokers for revenue. Other websites owned by it include uSwitch, PrimeLocation, and SmartNewHomes.

Zoopla receives 60 million views each month, less than Rightmove, but it is still a sizable audience for sellers to get into, with 11.2 million users downloading the app in 2018.

Five Reasons Why you should use Zoopla

You’ll want to hire the most fantastic agent possible when selling your house. Here are some reasons why a Zoopla estate agent is your best bet.

Before hiring an estate agency to sell or rent your house, here are five reasons you should double-check their listing on Zoopla.

1. A well-known brand

When you choose an estate agent who has signed up with Zoopla, your property will also be advertised for sale on Zoopla. And Zoopla is well-known. We have a 95% brand awareness rating. It is the most incredible score of any property portal, implying that millions of property purchasers visit us each month.

2. A massive shop window’ on a busy street

Zoopla receives over 55 million visits per month, many of which are from buyers in the market. Your property will be matched with buyers’ particular search parameters – for example, a two-bedroom flat in Woking for a maximum of £350,000 – so you can be confident that each person who hits on your property listing is a legitimate potential buyer.

Zoopla’s app has also been downloaded over 11 million times, implying that even when consumers are on the go, they can view your property details via their smartphones.

3. Increased power through collaboration with other sites

Once listed on Zoopla, your home will be promoted on several partner sites, including Zoopla-owned PrimeLocation, which caters to the more affluent customer. Furthermore, millions of visitors to the MailOnline, The Times, and The Telegraph utilize Zoopla’s property search feature, available on each website.

4. Free home appraisals

It is simple to arrange for a local estate agent to value your home. Enter your address into the drop-down box on Zoopla’s valuations page and choose the agent or agents you wish to love your home with. There’s even a ‘just curious’ option if you’re not selling or renting. And, best of all, it’s completely free.

5. Assist the agent in doing their best.

Zoopla agents are kept up to date on market insights provided by our data provider Hometrack, such as average price decreases and the amount of time it takes to sell in your area. With this information, a Zoopla estate agent can appropriately price your home and sell it as fast as feasible.

Zoopla’s Key Features

Remember to use the tools provided by Zoopla and Rightmove. It’s a decent indicator of how user-friendly the website is and what users are likely to gravitate towards.

Some of Zoopla’s primary characteristics are as follows:

Statistics for the United Kingdom

Users can calculate the average asking price and rent in a specific area by inputting a postcode, city, town, or street name. This tool compiles all of the data from Zoopla properties currently on the market and calculates an average for that area. It categorizes the residences for people looking for specific types, such as semi-detached or terraced houses. It’s particularly beneficial for families because you can enter a school name and determine the average asking price in the school’s neighborhood.

Intelligent Maps

The Smart map’ is an interactive tool that allows users to isolate individual streets, groups of roads, or an entire area. You can mark out your favorite spot by selecting the ‘draw from scratch’ option, similar to the Rightmove ‘create a search’ option.

Journey Time

Zoopla’s ‘travel time’ search function assists buyers in locating a potential house in the area of their choice within any given journey time. You can quickly calculate the time it takes from school to the office.

Heat-map Software

If a user is still determining which location is best for them and their budget. They can utilize the ‘heat-map tool,’ which highlights the most expensive portions of a town, village, or city in red. The cheapest places will be highlighted in blue. It’s an informative visual tool that can assist purchasers in narrowing down an area to begin their house-hunting experience.

Price decreases

One strategy to narrow down your Zoopla search results is to look for homes with the most significant reduction rates. It will then present you with a reduction history for the home you have chosen to view – a vital indicator. That the property has been on the market for a long time with a seller who is now willing to accept a lower offer. You can also use their ‘advanced search’ option to target specific requirements such as ‘garages,’ ‘garden,’ or ‘double garage.’ It works similarly to Rightmove’s ‘keyword sort’ but provides a more tailored result.

Calculator for Estimated Operating Costs

Zoopla’s Running Costs Calculator, built into every listing, estimates the monthly expenditures you would have to pay. It contains mortgage, energy, water, and council tax figures to budget the total home purchase cost.

Claim My Residence

This tool is very beneficial to sellers. Some homeowners prefer to list their home as ‘open to offers’ rather than selling it immediately. When you ‘claim’ a property, you acknowledge ownership and can alter the facts to your liking. You can then use the ‘tempt me’ function to establish a price. You would consider accepting to increase interest in the property and ease you into the selling process.

Search for New Homes

Users can use this tool to locate new-build houses mainly. It sorts the properties by development, making it much easier to sort through them.


Zoopla, a popular online property portal, was discussed in this article. Suppose you’re looking to purchase or rent a home. In that case, Zoopla has various tools to put you in control of your property search. Including its valuation tool, which estimates the value of any property based on its address.


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