A social networking service called FetLife caters to BDSM, fetish, and kink enthusiasts. FetLife touts itself on its homepage as being "Like Facebook, but run by kinksters like you and me." "Fet" stands for "fetish" in the name.Fetlife

tThe BDSM, kinky, and fetish communities have grown in size in recent years, both online and in person. Kink, fetish, and BDSM practice practices frequently include consensual violence consisting of psychological and physical submission, domination, and masochism, which may explain contemporary society’s mistrust towards the group. Although BDSM is not for everyone, its spectrum of possibilities is quite broad and varied, broadening the community’s reach to those who may be preparing to experiment with other elements of their sexuality and boundaries. The internet presence of BDSM communities has enabled an increasing number of people to approach and discover these practices. However, regarding these subcultures, Facebook may not be the ideal location to hunt for others to share your kinks with. Fetlife found its market there.

What is Fetlife?

The website and mobile application “The Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish, and Kinky Community,” according to Fetlife’s.” And, with over 8 million users and over 40 million photographs and videos exchanged, the platform appears to be everything but niche. To join Fetlife, new users must create a free profile and choose a gender, a sexual orientation from a list that, predictably, includes 11 options for each point and the role that will define them within the platform—from dominant and kinkster to swinger and brat.

Users are then permitted to submit photographs, films, and stories containing any manner of extreme desires, some of which may potentially forbidden in the ‘outside’ world. The idea of the BDSM community  found on consent and stating your specific boundaries before each session, creating a safe zone in which you can play and experiment. These rules are, of course, well known on Fetlife. However, as with other social media platforms, the kink website has been linked to (non-consensual) abuse, violence, and gruesome stories.

History of Fetlife

John Kopanas (also known by his handle John Baku), a software engineer in Montreal, Quebec, founded FetLife in January 2008. Baku founded “FriendsWithFetishes” in 2007 after becoming frustrated with his attempts to find ladies who shared his sexual inclinations. Baku started FetLife as a particular site while working on release 2.0 of FriendsWithFetishes. The chief technology officer was James Golick. Baku got the Pantheon of Leather Awards’ Community Choice (Man) Award in 2009.

How did Fetlife react?

Just after Murphy was charged, Fetlife began deleting and forbidding any information that promoted non-consensual acts, such as rape or abductions, and anything that would leave permanent scars, such as deep cutting or murder. Consensual non-consent was also deleted from the platform’s website. However, the site’s administrators were also suppressing various call-out pages that asked users to share their tales of abuse done by other Fetlife users.

Hello and welcome to Fetlife!

You’ve arrived at the site billed as “Similar to Facebook, but managed by people like you and me.” Fetlife is a website where users may socialize. interested in BDSM, kink, and fetishism. Unlike Facebook, it is not regulated by prudish capitalists who sell your information to major corporations. Instead, they encourage users to “be yourself and let your freak flag fly,” which means that, aside from a very lax set of community guidelines asking members not to “eroticize any underage, incest, zoophilia, necrophilia, or scat fetishes,” nearly anything goes—content-wise.

It can be a social network if you want it to.

Fetlife allows you to search for events and users based on their location, which is a terrific way to meet like-minded people in your neighborhood. Before I joined, I was unaware that such a community existed outside my door, opening up a whole new world. Aside from some fantastic playmates, I’ve made a good network of friends—especially my close-knit group of female confidantes from the scene.

Social gatherings and events

The site features events you’d hard-pressed to discover elsewhere, such as munches. These little gatherings in ordinary places are perfect opportunities to meet kinky individuals in a relaxed setting. They are far less scary than full-fledged play parties, which you can discover on the site. There are also rope jams (non-sexual learning places for rope bondage), seminars, kink meetings, public speeches, and poly-group meet-ups.

Due to the pandemic, those above are replaced by Zoom meetings, online classes, live streaming, and other Corona-safe alternatives.

It is not a ‘true’ dating site.

Fetlife is not intend to be a dating platform, though some do use it as one. Contrarily, it might be a fantastic approach to meet playmates, lovers, and someone to explore with. If you don’t want telemarketers to contact you, a handy Inbox Privacy function lets you control who can and cannot.

How do individuals interact with FetLife?

Become more knowledgeable about the benefits and drawbacks of how individuals utilize social networks such as FetLife. FetLife is utilised for a number of different things, such as location sharing, messaging and online chat, online dating, and photo and video sharing.

Why does FetLife function?

When you find yourself a partner supplier, anybody can call if not content (usually just a phone call) at any moment with zero worth to the particular option. It is why it is beneficial for brand new professionals who perform work escort complete-for you to have a work phone that is disable to own the night.

In any case, there is no counterpart in FetLife. It’s a social media platform. People the following are and also want price, but the majority are simply idealists. Not surprising the facts should be, of course, someone. It is a mixture of Tinder and Facebook, as well as fetishists.

Is Fetlife Legit?

Because of fetish culture, kinksters are no longer alone. Fetlife is a legal and legitimate website where people may explore and play with their kinks in a safe setting. By joining a group of like-minded people, Fetlife promotes safety, consent, limits, and proper BDSM practice. FetLife is a safe online dating service because it takes every precaution to keep its customers safe. Furthermore, FetLife never distributes your personal information to third-party websites or organizations.

Is Fetlife Safe? 

Fetlife is dangerous. It has had some troubles, such as a woman kidnapped by a suspect who frequented the Fetlife forum Abduction 101. The woman believes deceased. There are numerous forums like that and many instances when Fetlife has  mentioned in a criminal inquiry. There was a case of child pornography dissemination and another example in which a man raped someone he met on the internet. Another concern with Fetlife is that it does not allow victims to identify their abusers.

Another terrifying incident occurred when someone was chained, gagged, and raped. The inability to identify abusers on FetLife, even when they use pseudonyms, contributes to the anonymity that fosters online abuse. It also deprives FetLife, as well as the virtual BDSM community as a whole, of the required self-policing and communication. The ability to experience BDSM through a screen may appeal to less-savvy acolytes, but anonymity is like oxygen for the wicked actors who will prey on them.


In recent years, the BDSM, kinky, and fetish communities have grown in size both online and in person. Fetlife is an online platform where people can discover and experiment with their kinks. Fetlife calls itself “The BDSM, Fetish, and Kinky Community’s Social Network.” I is legitimate, yet it has flaws because there have been reports of phony profiles and persons entering the internet forums and injuring others or abducting them. Fetlife has received mixed reviews. One must exercise extreme caution when using the website. SugarDaddySeek is an alternative to Fetlife review where you can explore your kinks securely and even get paid for them.


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