The Norauto brand is now available abroad, first in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, and then Romania.norauto

What do you think of if someone says “Norauto” to you? Hey, hey, some of you will say, “an online tire dealer”, others will say, “a garage,” and the most discerning will say, “a tire”! You are all right. Norauto is all of that at the same time. You will find out when you go to its website. But who is Naruto? Damn, No-rau-to! Tiregom takes stock of one of the leaders in online tire sales.

History of Norauto

Behind the Norauto brand hides a French giant specializing in automobile repair, maintenance and equipment nicknamed “Mobivia Groupe”. Founded in 1970 by Éric Derville, this group wants to “make mobility easier” by offering everyone the solution best suited to their mobility needs. Please note that in its beginnings, the group was only a Nordic company called Norauto, which means “Nord-Auto”. But to make the name impactful, the founder worked with the advertising agency of the time by removing the “d” to obtain “Norauto”. It was not until 2010 that the group changed its name.

Entrepreneurial life is littered with developments and movements. The Norauto brand is present internationally today, first in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, and then In Romania. For all these little people, it sells tires online, but also the maintenance of vehicles in the garage.

As for the history of the Norauto tire, it begins in 1996. If the brand’s range of tires is only visible in the second line, it aims to compete with premium brands by recently launching its Prevensys 3 tire. You will find all Norauto tire offers on Tiregom.

Norauto in figures

With a capital of €112,881,000, Norauto France is one of the 15 Mobivia group brands and the nine Norauto International subsidiaries. Its turnover represents more than 7% of the group’s turnover, which achieved 1.76 billion euros in 2015.

Norauto also has 369 centres, including 280 non-franchise centres in France, for the repair and maintenance of cars; more than 2,000 professional partners (garages and mobile stations) for tire fitting; and 5,600 employees.

Communication from Norauto

 In the 70s and 80s, the brand’s logo featured the sign “norauto” with a small “n”. It was black printed on a yellow backing. Two heads of pilots were placed on the sides of the sign. Years passed, and the logo got a new look that we can notice today. Thus, the brand remains faithful to its favourite two-tone, yellow-on-blue. This time, the pilot’s head (1 and no longer 2) stands out just above the brand’s name! All are well framed with rounded edges for a more marked style.

As for the slogan, Norauto keeps changing it. In addition, it varies according to the service of the sign. For example 2002, when the new Norauto 5000S tire was launched, the brand chose “Norauto, you have priority” as its motto. Another slogan, “Because tomorrow is about today”, refers to the environmental commitments it intends to honour in exercising its activities. Recently, that is to say, in 2016, the new slogan “Making the automobile easier” seems to illustrate the objective of Norauto, which wishes, above all, to respect intervention times in the centres.

Norauto’s commitments

In carrying out its multiple missions, It is driven by several commitments. Lowest prices all year round: otherwise, the difference is refunded*! (This is valid for tires and other products on the site.) Change your mind at any time! : It is the concept of the return of order in the event of non-satisfaction.

Fitting of 2 tires in the workshop – 1 hour: Norauto undertakes to fit your two tires in 1 hour maximum. Otherwise, it will reimburse you for the fitting. One of its ads said: “At Norauto, we know that you have better things to do than spend your time waiting for your tires”.

Satisfy the most demanding of you: requirement combines needs, desires and budget, and Norauto wants to offer products that meet these criteria.

Puncture guarantee for certain tires sold on Norauto **: recognizable when buying online by the small tricolour logo (white, yellow and sky blue) and where there is a drawing of a tire punctured by a nail. The Norauto warranty means that in the event of a puncture or deterioration of the tire throughout its life, this warranty will cover the charges. Whether for disassembly/reassembly, balancing, repair or replacement of the guaranteed tire, everything is taken care of by Norauto. Attention! The warranty does not apply to RunFlat tyres or 4×4 utility and motorhome tyres.

The best-selling tire models

In addition to its tire brand, Norauto exclusively offers Michelin tires, even if its catalogue is full of premium brand tires such as Bridgestone, Goodyear or Nokian. Norauto has identified the best-selling tires on its website and classified them according to dimensions. So,

In 14-inch diameter, the most common tires in France are, for example, the models:

155/65 R14 75 T tire: led by the Michelin Energy E3B tire, followed by the Goodyear EfficientGrip Compact tire and the Norauto Prevensys 3 tire

165/65 R14 79 T tire: like the Michelin Energy Saver + tire and the Goodyear UltraGrip 8 tire

 In 15-inch diameter, we find

195/65 R15 91 H tire: still Michelin Energy Saver +, followed by Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance.

185/60 R15 84 H tire: the Michelin Energy Saver + tire wins the best sales

 In 16-inch diameter, we find the dimensions:

205/55 R16 91 V tire: with the Michelin Primacy 3 tire

205/60 R16 92 H tire: and again, the Michelin Energy Saver +

Payment terms

Norauto makes life easier for its customers by offering them the possibility of paying for purchases and services in two ways:

Cash: payable by credit card (Visa, CB, Mastercard or American Express) or via Paypal.

By financing: this is a credit that comes in 2 options. The first consists of paying for the purchase or service using a card or a card from partner brands. The second option consists of paying for the purchase or service by bank card in 3 or 4 instalments (purchase amount between €150 and €2,000) with Facily Pay, a financing offer offered by Oney Bank.


The Norauto brand is now available abroad, first in Spain, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, and then Romania. Entrepreneurial life is rife with advancements and movements. Online tyre sales, as well as garage auto maintenance, are available for all these little folks.

In terms of Norauto Tire’s history, it started in 1996. The business, which just debuted its Prevensys 3 tyre, intends to compete with premium names even if its tyre lineup is only visible in the second line. On Tiregom, you can find all Norauto tire deals.



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