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The coronavirus news have been making headlines on media all round the world since it’s’ emergence in the 2020. There has been a lot slow trend in the last months of the 2021 about the news of COVID-19 news. This lower media coverage of the COVID-19 news was due to the lowering numbers of the cases being report around the world. But, since the emergence of ‘very strange’ omicron variant symptom has emerged, the coronavirus news is again making it into the headlines of media around the world. According to the Worldometer COVID-19 news stats, the COVID-19 cases have reached a figure nearly three hundred million and it has caused nearly 5.5 million deaths around the world.

Rough days for U.S

The starting week of January has been tough for the U.S. because of doubling of the COVID-19 cases. As per the Bloomberg coronavirus news, Average cases in the United States have nearly doubled in the previous week. On 7 January, the number of daily infections hit a new high of over 600,000, up from around 380,000 one week before, with hospitalization and deaths on the rise.

New York reports record cases

On 8 January, New York confirmed a staggering 90,000 new COVID-19 infections, bringing the total of illnesses in the region to 4 million since its outbreak began. Another 150 individuals perished the biggest daily death toll in in a year. Hospital visits rose to 11,000, indicating that the state’s health-care system is still under duress. As per COVID-19 news cited by Bloomberg, New York is the 4th state to reach 4 million illnesses.

Tianjin large scale testing

After discovering 2 cases bearing the omicron strain with no recent tourism record in China’s coastal city of Tianjin, a widespread screening push was initiate, while illnesses in Thailand surged for the sixth day. According to Bloomberg coronavirus news, roughly 20 of the cases’ good connections have tested positive, primarily youngsters and families associated with a day care facility.

Thailand cases increasing rapidly

Thailand experienced its sixth consecutive surge in COVID infections on 8th January, with 8,000 new reported cases recorded, the biggest single-day count after Oct. 31. As the omicron variety keeps spreading across Southeast Asia, the government has confirmed 12 fresh deaths. After plummeting to a six-month lowest before Christmas, infections have risen in the last week. Health experts are warning that the number of illnesses might spike after the New Year’s activities. Thailand halted a quarantine-free visa programmer temporarily on January 7 and set restrictions on alcohol use and distribution in an attempt to contain the virus’s development.

Novak Djokovic denied visa

Novak Djokovic’s chances of winning his 10th Australian Open championship were jeopardized when the government refused him admission and revoked his visa after he fails to satisfy the standards for a COVID-19 waiver. Djokovic, the world number one, declared on social networks that he had received “deduction approval” and arrived in Australia in Start of January after having received a medical waiver from the Victoria provincial government, which was anticipated to explicitly excluded him from the stringent immunization requirements in spot for this year’s 1st significant tennis match.

The revocation of Djokovic’s entry has been challenge in Australia’s Federal Circuit Court, but his trial has been postpone. If Djokovic is expel, it would not happen until at minimum coming week, after the athlete filed suit in an Australian court over his visa revocation, and a federal judge postponed a session until 10 January. Judge Anthony Kelly was unconvinced by Djokovic’s lawyer’s assertion that a judgment on his client’s involvement in the Australian Open had to be reached by the 11th of January for event planning concerns.

The issue of Australia vs. Novak Djokovic has taken a new twist, with the tennis star fighting visa revocation only days before he would be schedul to participate. According to court filings, the world’s top-ranked athlete has a legal vaccination waiver to visit Australia predicated on a positive Covid-19 test on Dec. 16. The Serbian has been detain by officials following his arrival in Melbourne on January 5, when he is attempting to win a record 21st Grand Slam title. Passed by the court order to postpone his case, he will stay in custody. The trial will continue on 10 Monday.

A ‘very strange’ omicron variant has emerged

On the suggestion of WHO, WHO recognized the Omicron variety on November 26, 2021. This conclusion was made drawing on statistics submitted to the TAG-VE indicating Omicron contains a number of alterations that might affect how it acts, such as how easy it spreads or the severity of the sickness it brings. Many parts of Omicron are being study by researchers in South Africa and throughout the world, and the results were share when they become accessible. It is unknown if Omicron is more communicable than other variations, such as Delta. In regions of South Africa afflict by this variation, the total number of people reporting positively has increase, although clinical investigations are plan to determine if this is due to Omicron or other reasons. It is unclear whether Omicron illness produces more serious condition than diseases caused by other variations, such as Delta.

According to preliminary statistics, hospitalization rates are raising in South Africa, however this might be due to an increase in the general group of participants being sick instead of a particular Omicron illness. There is presently no evidence that the typical symptoms of the Omicron are distinct from those linked with other variations. All COVID-19 variations, such as the globally widespread Delta variant, can cause serious sickness or death, especially in the most susceptible persons; hence avoidance is always the best option. WHO is collaborating with scientific collaborators to find out the impact of this variation on current remedies. Vaccines, notably those against the major circulating form, Delta, are crucial in lowering serious condition and mortality.

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